Do you provide assessments?

Yes - and No.

We do not conduct formal learning or educational assessments (sometimes these are called intellectual or cognitive assessments).  This means we do not diagnose (or provide written reports about) dyslexia, learning disorders or giftedness - or other conditions / disorders related to learning.  

For a learning/educational/cognitive assessment - you might like to consider:

Learning Keys ((08) 8272 6916)
DECD assessments (usually conducted through your school)
Flinders University School of Psychology sometimes have the ability to provide learning assessments.

In addition, we do not do family or "custody" assessments to make recommendations about living arrangements for children, nor do we provide court reports.

However, we do assess children and teens to identify their challenges and strengths within an emotional and learning context and help them capitalise on these strengths and work around their challenges.  This assessment happens at the first session (using interview assessment as well as questionnaires for parent/carer and child/teen) as well as in an ongoing way.