Calm and Confident Kids: How to help kids worry less, manage stress and get through tough times 

Many children have times when they feel stressed, worried and sad. Sometimes this is due to a tough life experience – parents separating, family illness, grief and loss, bullying, struggles coping at school.  Sometimes the child just has a tendency to be a “worrier” or get stressed.

There are actions parents can take to help the child manage and resolve problems, to help build their resilience - and unfortunately there are also things parents accidentally do which can increase anxiety and stress in kids. 

This seminar covers the 12 most important steps parents can take to help worried, sad and stressed kids.  It gives parents practical strategies,includes advice on "what to say", what to NOT do, how to answer tricky questions and how to increase resilience and coping skills in children themselves.

There is plenty of humour and fun in the seminar, videos, case examples - as well as time allowed for questions about tricky kids and tricky situations. 

This seminar was very beneficial & insightful for staff & parents.  The information was easy to understand, there were practical strategies which helped parents to feel more equipped to help. Highly recommended .fantastic! Holly Taylor, Chaplain, Braeview/Happy Valley Primary Schools

Presented by Kirrilie Smout, Clinical Psychologist specialising in working with children and adolescents.  Kirrilie has 18 years of experience in working with young people and families, and has presented seminars to over 40,000 young people and parents across Australia.  She has written two books on families, teenagers and helping kids through challenges.

  • TIME/DATE:  6.30-8pm on Wednesday 22nd October, 2014
  • PLACE: Kurrajong Music Room, Pulteney Grammar School, 190 South Tce, Adel
  • COST:  Free!  All welcome.

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