(Learning to manage frustration, disappointment and anger)

Sometimes things in life are tough and we feel disappointed, frustrated and angry.  Everybody feels like this sometimes.

Do you feel like you get angry a lot? Does it get you in to trouble sometimes and make life harder for you, with your parents, teachers, your brothers or sisters or with your friends? Would you like your parents to have some new ways to help you feel calmer when you are mad?

If so, then we can help! We are getting together on 4 Saturday mornings to learn about Anger and some ways that you and your parent can work together to help you cope with tough stuff, to feel calmer and have more fun!

The sessions will go for 1 hour and a quarter.  We will be watching some short videos, doing some talking and you will do some activities with your parent/caregiver. There will also be activities to practice in between sessions that your parent can help you with (As well as just learning some great tips, there are also bonus prizes for doing this practice!).

The group will be run at our Aberfoyle Office (Shop 15, 130-150 Hub Drive, Aberfoyle Park).

If this sounds like something you are keen to do, please ask your Mum, Dad or caregiver to email Amy at and we can answer any questions or book you in.

Further Information for Parents:

If you have a child who is aged between 6 and 10 years old who has difficulty managing their reactions when they feel disappointed, frustrated or angry, you may be interested in attending our “Chilled” group with them, on Saturday mornings.  This group will be run by a clinical psychologist and is designed to increase the knowledge kids have about anger and develop skills to manage their reactions when they feel disappointed, frustrated or angry.  The group will include up to 5 kids and their parent/caregiver.  The group will involve watching short animated videos, some group discussion and then activities for you and your child to complete together.   In addition there will be approximately 40 minutes of practice (can be 4 x 10 minutes) between session activities to practice the skills learnt.

This group is completely FREE to attend, but please note, in order for you to get the most out of this program, and because we are evaluating this group to see how well it works, it is essential you can attend all FOUR sessions for the ENTIRE time.  If you are not able to commit to all of the sessions or the in between group activities then talk with us about other services that may be of help to you and your child.