Moving into private practice environment concerns some psychologists.  We have found that once psychologists start working with us, their concerns are quickly reassured.  In fact, in over 11 years of employing psychologists we haven't had anyone leave!!

Here are the most typical concerns.

I'm worried about the security of ongoing referrals and work available

Although some private practices struggle at time for referrals, at Developing Minds we have a 15 year history of strong demand for our services.  We have rarely dropped under a 4-12 week wait for our services.  We are well known in schools across the state, which generates more work than we have capacity for - and this has been the case for over a decade.  None of our psychologists have ever requested new clients and had the business not be able to provide them - and we are happy for you to speak to any of our psychologists on the phone to privately confirm this.   It is important to note that in over 11 years of employing psychologists, we have not had any of them leave the practice.   In fact, in this era - some of our psychologists have commented that their work in reality is more secure than their colleagues in government departments.

However, if security of work is still a concern, there is some negotiation offered for new psychologists to start off on a salary for client appointments offered - (rather than our usual system of salary depending on clients seen) - for the right applicant.

I'm worried about losing government benefits like holiday leave, sick leave, superannuation and long service leave.

At Developing Minds, you are an employee not a contractor - so we DO pay you super annutation and long service leave.  Under our casual employment contract you do not get paid for sick leave or holiday leave but because of our pay rates, all of our psychologists take at least 4 weeks leave a year, a number of sick/family leave days (depending on individual circumstances) and still earn as much (or significantly) more as they would in a government agency.

I'm worried about my ability to see numerous clients a day

At Developing Minds we do not expect our clinicians to see more than 6 clients a day on an average day.  For psychologists who are used to seeing far less than this, it is important to keep a couple of things in mind.  

First, it is important to remember that when you are working with us, you are not having to spend hours of time in other tasks.  There is no onerous reporting requirements, hours of assessment or write up required, no weekly meetings, policy discussions, lengthy OHS or other HR training, no having to keep up with numerous multi-discipinary emails etc - your job is as clinical psychologist, first and foremost.  You will spend 90% of your time actually with families.

Secon, once you are used to seeing 6 clients a day it becomes much easier than it seems from the outset.

I'm worried about my clinical skills and the level of support and supervision in private I'll get in private

 At Developing Minds, this is our point of difference.  We provide extensive training, support and supervision in therapy.  We work with our clinicians weekly initially to make sure they feel confident in working with clients, and then only gradually reducing this training and supervision.  Supervision is primarily provided by one central supervisor - but all our psychologists will provide some input/training and supervision to our new psychologists so they receive a range of approaches.  In addition, at Developing Minds, none of our psychologists are required to see clients they don't feel comfortable seeing.

I'm worried about having to be involved in "selling" or marketing

While some organistions do ask their staff to be involved in buidling referrals, psychologists at Developing Minds have as their only role - to provide therapeutic input to our families.  Given our strong history of providing both free and paid services to schools and the community, we have extensive referral base and don't require our psychologists to do any marketing themselves.