Connect, Coach and Take Charge

Helping kids feel calm, confident and co-operative


Parents/carers: does any of this sound familiar?  Your child: 

Has difficulty managing frustration and anger
Finds it hard to organise themselves, and follow routines
Finds it hard to listen and follow instructions
Often gets very upset, worried or distressed
You sometimes feel worried or frustrated with your child and don’t know what to do next
You feel like things which work for other children don’t work for yours

We can help! Connect, Coach and Take Charge is a 6 week group for parents/carers to help you learn:

Why children behave in tricky ways
How to reconnect with your child (and feel more positive about them) 
How to coach your child & take charge - so they can manage emotions, follow instructions and act calmly
How to identify your values as a family
How to be kind and compassionate to yourself as a parent
How to manage difficult situations (eg bedtimes, mornings, sibling arguments, homework)

You will get practical ideas and suggestions you can use at home (including a workbook/handouts to take home each week) to help make life calmer, easier and happier for everyone.  

Connect, Coach and Take Charge is facilitated by two of our child psychologists each week, both of whom have worked with "tricky kids" and their families for many years.  

Our data shows that parent/carers who attend the group experience a significant increase in parent related well-being and a significant decrease in child-related distress measures.  Parent/carers also report feeling much more confident in how to manage difficult behaviour in their children.

We usually run one Connect, Coach and Take Charge Group (in the evenings) at various schools around Adelaide, South Australia.  These groups are currently FREE for families (sponsored by federal government funding administered by the Adelaide Primary Health Network).  

If you are interested in putting your name down for our next group, or having your school host a group please contact our admin team on 8357 1711 or via email