Does any of this sound familiar?

Your 5 to 11 year old child:

  • Often worries and/or feels anxious
  • Has a hard time dealing with frustration and disappointment
  • Has difficulty stopping what they are doing and/or managing changes in routine
  • Is prone to huge meltdowns - yells/hits/stomps/screams
  • Often talks negatively about themselves/life - and doesn't feel good about themselves
  • Finds school work hard or boring or pointless.
  • Might have been given a diagnosis of  an anxiety disorder, ASD, ADHD, ODD, sensory processing problems or speech/language delay.  But regardless - what you know is that they don't think, feel, cope or learn quite the same way as other kids.  

But getting to see a child psychologist face to face at one of our clinics is not going to work for you or your child?

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