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Has any of these things happened to you this year?

Scenario one:  you get home from school, and for once, you have good intentions.  Tonight you REALLY are going to do a good session of homework.  But're hungry, and so you eat.  

And then you're tired, so you have just a little nap. And then there's that show.  

And Facebook. And before you know it, it's like 11pm and you have done almost nothing. Another night down the drain.

Scenario two:  you have a million things to do. So you just swap from thing to thing, feeling panicked the whole time. You stress about whether you are going to get it all done.

You lie in bed at night feeling slightly sick about whether you have done as much as you should. You really want to do well, but you are constantly scared about whether that is going to happen.

Scenario three:  you have a test or exam coming up. You feel okay about it. You understand mostly the work.  In fact you have got some pretty good marks for your assignments in this topic, so you think you should be right. Then you do the test/exam and get your marks back.  Bam. You bombed out.  

So disappointing. What's the point?

If any of these things have happened to you over the last few months, I'm confident that the Succeed in Senior School Manual will help you.

This is why:  

  • It is easy to read, short and sweet.
  • It will give you ideas about how to motivate yourself when frankly you would rather hit your head repeatedly against the wall rather than do that essay.
  • It has cartoons in it.

If you want it straight away, you will probably want the e-book version, which means if you click on the button below, you can download it immediately. It's $8.95 and you just need to click on the button below and pay via Paypal.  But please check with the owner of the Paypal account first, there is no point getting help getting motivated and improving your grades if your parents are so mad at you they take your phone away for the next month.

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Succeed In Senior School Ebook Version ($8.95)

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If you want to get a copy of the printed book, so you can write it in and take it places, then click on the button below and we will post it to you (we will get your address when you pay via Paypal).  It's $14.95, but again remember to check with the owner of the paypal account.

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Succeed in Senior School Printed Book Version ($14.95) 

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