What happens in the Sessions?

At the first session, we ask families to complete a number of forms to get information about how they are going and what they want from therapy.

Depending on the age of the client, we will talk with them first (sometimes with a parent or carer, and sometimes alone).  We will talk to the clients about what they are hoping for from the sessions, ask about their ideas about their problems. We will ask lots of questions, take notes and usually ask clients to think about something or do something before the next session.

Again, depending on the age of the client, we will bring parents or carers in at the end to talk about their feelings about what is happening and to give an idea about how we go forward.   We will need to get permission from the young person to do this, but we are involve family/carers wherever possible.  

When we are working with children, we will often want to see the parents on their own and work with them.  Unfortunately Better Access funding under Medicare does not allow us to claim "parent only" sessions (without the child present) to Medicare, so these sessions need to be paid for via other funding models (eg NDIS, if applicable, APHN, if used or private health).