How to Effectively Support and Help Teens Succeed and Achieve their Goals In Senior School

The Years that Count is a book I wrote after talking to and working with thousands of real Australian teens, parents and teachers over the last 15 years. I've listed everything that I see successful teens in secondary school do as well as the kinds of things their parents say and do. I've also put listed the things that don't seem to work. The end result is a 40,000 word, full size book which I have reviewed and updated three times over the last 7 years.

It includes:

  • Real life stories and interviews

  • "Tip Sheets" for students

  • Ideas to get quiet/uncommunicative teens talking

  • Strategies to help Students destress

  • Strategies to students get more sleep

  • Ways to help teens think about their future

  • Ways to reduce conflict with teens

  • .....and most importantly: there are cartoons!

This book is for parents, teachers and other carers.

An extremely useful book. Reminded me of many of the basics, made me laugh, reassured me that my teens are normal, and also gave me some new ideas that have worked really well
— Glenda Needs, Parent of four teenagers

But what about resources for my teenager? They need help too!

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The Succeed In Senior School Workbook now comes FREE with The Years that Count.  Succeed in Senior School is specifically for teens. To know whether this manual is going to help your teens, put yourself inside their head, and see if you can predict whether they would recognise any of the following scenarios.

Scenario one: you get home from school, and for once, you have good intentions. Tonight you REALLY are going to do a good session of homework. But're hungry, and so you eat. And then you're tired, so you have just a little nap. And then there's that show. And Facebook. And before you know it, it's like 11pm and you have done almost nothing. Oops.

Scenario two: you have a million things to do. So you just swap from thing to thing, feeling panicked the whole time. You stress about whether you are going to get it all done. You lie in bed at night feeling slightly sick about whether you have done as much as you should. You really want to do well, but you are constantly scared about whether that is going to happen.

Scenario three: you have a test or exam coming up. You feel okay about it. You understand mostly the work. In fact you have got some pretty good marks for your assignments in this topic, so you think you should be right. Then you do the test/exam and get your marks back. Bam. You bombed out. So disappointing. You can never do well on tests. What's the point?

If any of these things have happened to your teen, I believe the Succeed in Senior School Manual will help them. This is why:

  • It is easy to read, short and sweet.

  • It will give them ideas about how to motivate themselves when frankly they would rather staple their tongue to the floor rather than do that essay.

  • It has cartoons in it.

  • It will show them how to revise for exams so that they can get the grades they deserve on tests and exams.

  • It will give ideas about how to feel less stressed.

  • It will help them find ways of getting to sleep earlier instead of lying awake in bed.

  • It has spaces for them to write your thoughts/answers in so they can remember the strategies they want to use

This book is bursting with simple, sensible, sanity saving strategies that should help your child not just survive, but thrive in the senior absolute ‘must read
— Emma Rieger, Senior School Teacher and former Year 12 Co-ordinator

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Surviving Senior School for Parents and Teens E-Book Bundle ($27.95)

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Finally! The definitive parenting instruction manual with all the tools of the trade to guide you in the construction of a happy, healthy adolescent. Kirrilie Smout’s no-nonsense and common sense approach demystifies the process of parenting at this often difficult stage. Provides comprehensive and practical tips for all situations
— Gaynor Wilkinson, School Psychologist
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Surviving Senior School for Parents and Teens Paperback Bundle - $40 

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Just LOVE these books. They are fantastic. Like Kirrilie herself, they are unpretentious and written with heart. She conveys respect, empathy and compassion for children and their wellbeing. Kirrilie’s writing is informed by theory and experience but unlike most other books written by psychologists, there is no long winded psychological jargon! Both books are easy to read, concise, practical and a great resource for both parents and children. I will most definitely be recommending these books to my clients.
— Alex Brooks, Clinical Psychologist

If there are other resources you are looking for, don't hesitate to contact me.

P.S. I am thrilled to say that I have heard of this book being passed from parent to parent in schools I have never been to, across Australia and in Europe and the U.S. One parent told me she kept it on her bedside table for the whole year as her “teen bible”!