Here is some information especially for kids/teens who are coming to see us.

Welcome to Developing Minds :)

What do we do ?

We see children and teenagers of all ages for a whole range of different things. For example, we help children and teenagers through feeling sad, angry, stressed or perhaps feeling lots of worries about school, friends or family.  This doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you if you’re feeling any of these things, lots of children, teenagers and even adults go through tough times. Everyone needs a little or sometime a lot of help at different times, like how your teachers helps you at school, or your coach helps you at sport or you mum, dad or grandparent help you at home,  a psychologist can help  you with the things your finding hard or tricky to deal with. 

 Why do I have to come and see a psychologist?

 Sometimes kids and teens want to come and speak to someone about the difficult time they are having or about how they are feeling. Other times it might be someone else like your mum, dad, teacher or doctor that wants you to come and talk to a psychologist. It can be a big step to come and talk to someone for the first time and it can be even harder when you don’t really want to come, but learning a bit more about what it’s like to see a psychologist can make it a little bit easier. 

 What will happen when I see a psychologist ?

 When you first see a psychologist they will ask you some questions to understand what’s happening in your life and then you and the psychologist can come up with plan of what areas will be most helpful to work on together.  Sometimes it might mean learning new skills, solving problems together, learning new ways to deal with difficult situations and learning what helps and what doesn’t help when you don’t feel very good. Sometimes children and teenagers say it feels good just to talk to someone about what’s going on for them and how they are feeling.

Sometimes the psychologist will speak to you alone and sometimes they will speak to your parent or whoever has brought you to see the psychologist. The room you and the psychologist will talk in has lots of fun things to do so it’s not just talking. You might play games together, draw or make stuff and you can sit wherever you like, on the couch on a chair or on the floor! whatever ever you feel most comfortable doing. 

 Will the psychologist tell others about what we talk about ? 

One of the really good things about seeing a psychologist is that what you talk about together is mostly just between you and the psychologist. There are some times when a psychologist must tell someone else about what you have talked about. This is if you or someone else are in danger of being hurt or harmed. 

Sometimes your psychologist might think it would be helpful for others (like a parent or teacher) to know some of the things you have been working on together or how you have been feeling so that they can also help you, but your psychologist will ask you first if it’s okay to talk to someone else about these things. 

If a doctor has suggested you come and see a psychologist then the psychologist will need to let your doctor know a bit about what you have been working on together and how things are going for you. 

If you feel worried about any of these things please talk to your psychologist about your worries because it’s really important to them that you feel comfortable talking to them in private. 

How long will I have to see a psychologist ?

Everyone is different, so children and teenagers see a psychologist for different amounts of time. Sometimes it’s just for a few sessions and other times it’s for much longer. It really depends on what you are working on together and how you are going. Your psychologist will talk to you and whoever brings you to sessions about how many session would be good to start of with and then after those sessions you will all decide if more sessions would be helpful.