We specialise in working with children and adolescents.  We do not see adults (other than in relation to parenting) so that we can focus all of our attention and systems on working with the under 20 year old age group.

Often families would like to know what we "specialise in" - because working with young people is considered an area of speciality in itself - this is a difficult question to answer.  To be honest, every one of us see children and teens who are struggling with a variety of issues, every week.

If you would like someone who knows about your child/teen's issues - read through this list below.  It will give you an idea of the things we all frequently see on a weekly basis, and hopefully this will help you get an idea of whether we might be able to support your young person.

Anxiety is the most common difficulty we work with.  This might be anxiety about friends, separation, relationships, family issues, getting sick, worrying about toileting or eating issues, school, exams, change, self, or anxiety itself.  We see anxiety in the form of obsessions and compulsions, panic attacks, phobias, avoidance, behavioural problems or just worrying.

Depression and Sadness - we work with children and teens go through times when they cry a lot, don't want to do anything, "drop out of life" and question themselves and the world.  Some of these might be feeling sad, having trouble sleeping, cutting themselves, thinking about their future or crying a lot.  

Study and Organisational Skills - we frequently help young people who are struggling at school.  We work with kids and teens having trouble organising themselves, remembering things, motivating themselves to do homework, coping with tests and exams and managing the distractions of phones and social media

Social Problems - we do lots of work with kids and teens struggling with friendships. SOme of these might be experiencing mild or severe forms of harassment and bullying at school or in the world of social media and need help to cope.  Other children have difficult friendships and need help managing these.  SOme need help with improving their social skills.

Disordered Eating - we work with teens in particular with disordered eating.  We work with those who struggle with wanting to be thinner, being anxious about food or engaging in unhealthy eating behaviours (like starving themselves, excessive exercise or vomiting)

Frustration and Difficult (defiant) Behaviours - We frequently work with kids and teens who have problems managing frustration with siblings, parents or friends and get exceedingly angry when things don't go right. We work with children and teens having trouble following instructions, being responsible or listening to parents, and those with problems with lying or hitting/hurting others.  For teenagers, this might also involve difficulties with alcohol and drug use.

Sleep problems - We help children and teens who have trouble getting to sleep, waking up a lot during the night, feeling sleepy and tired during the day and maintaining good sleep habits

Trauma, Grief and Loss - some children and teens we see have experienced traumatic events such as divorce/separation of parents, the death of a family member, abuse, sexual assault and other trauma.

Learning and Attention Problems - some children and teens we see struggle with "keeping up" at school, being able to pay attention, stay focussed, understand concepts and ideas at school.  They often become discouraged and have little confidence in their abilities

Relationships and sexuality - teenagers we work with are sometimes struggling with relationship - breakups, sexual behaviour and sexuality in general.  We often work with young people who are in the process of identifying thmselves as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender.

Challenges with disabilities - many children and teens we work with have been diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD or another disability.  We have worked with hundreds of families dealing with their child's disabilities and know the challenges this involves.

If you don't see your child/teen's problem listed above, please feel free to email me at kirriliesmout@developingminds.net.au and I will direct you either to one of our psychologists who works in that area, or to another psychologist in South Australia who might do so.