Child Psychologists Adelaide: our Psychology and Counselling Services

Children and teens experience tough times just like adults do.  They feel sad, worried, stressed, angry, frustrated and overwhelmed.  They don't quite know how to cope with stress, they need help learning to act in positive ways, they struggle with relationships and benefit from support in many other ways.

We specialise in helping children and teens - and the people who support them.  For nearly 15 years, Developing Minds Psychology and Education (previously Innovate Psychology) has cared for, supported and worked with thousands of South Australian children and young people. We work with children ranging from the age of 3 through to 17. We are fully qualified child psychologists and work with children and teens, and then depending on their age, also with their parents.  If appropriate we also work with schools and other supports.  We have two clinics in Adelaide (city and south).

Here are some of the problems that we help children and teens and their families with:

+ Childhood Anxiety. Adolescent Stress and Adolescent Anxiety.

Anxiety in kids and teens is one of the most common presentations for our child psychologists. Worry about change, social situations, getting sick, getting anxious, coping with school, being separated from parents (separation anxiety), going to school, thinking about death and injury are all very common for many children and teens. Our psychologists provide counselling for kids and teens to manage stress, help them feel calmer, stop avoiding situations and act in confident ways.

+ Teenager Depression. Adolescent Depression. Sadness in Children

Some children and teens go through times when they cry a lot, don't want to do anything, "drop out of life" and question themselves and the world. Our psychologists work with teens and kids to help them re-engage with life, get more motivated and act in more positive ways.

+ Study and Organisational/School Skills for Children and Teens

Many kids and teens have trouble organising themselves, remembering things, motivating themselves to do homework, coping with tests and exams and managing the distractions of phones and social media. Child psychologists at Developing Minds work with students to find strategies to do better at school, become more organised, increase concentration and motivate themselves to study more effectively.

+ Conflict/Bullying and Social Problems in Kids and teens

Many kids and teens experience mild or severe forms of harassment and bullying at school or in the world of social media and need help to cope. Other children have difficult friendships and need help managing these. We are experienced at helping children and young people cope with these difficulties.

+ Body Image Problems and Eating Disorders in Teens

Pre teens and teens in particular often struggle with wanting to be thinner, being anxious about food or engaging in unhealthy eating behaviours (like starving themselves, excessive exercise or vomiting). Our psychologists work with these young people to feel better about their body and act in healthier ways.

+ Frustration Management and Challenging Behaviour in kids and teens

Some children and teens have problems managing frustration with siblings, parents or friends and get exceedingly angry when things don't go right. Some children have trouble with following instructions or listening to parents, regular lying or hitting/hurting others. We work with children and teens to help them manage frustration and with parents to help them know how to respond when children and teens act in challenging ways.

+ Childhood and Adolescent Sleep problems

Many children and teens have trouble getting to sleep, waking up a lot during the night, feeling sleepy and tired during the day and maintaining good sleep habits. Our child psychologists help to create better habits and understand what is causing these sleep problems.

+ Trauma, Grief and Loss

Some children and teens we see have experienced traumatic events such as divorce/separation of parents, the death of a family member, abuse, sexual assault and other trauma.

+ Learning and Attention Problems

Some children and teens we see struggle with "keeping up" at school, being able to pay attention, stay focussed, understand concepts and ideas at school. They often become discouraged and have little confidence in their abilities. Our psychologists work with parents, students and schools together to help young people increase motivation, attention, concentration.

+ Challenges with disabilities

Many children and teens we work with have been diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD or another disability. We have worked with hundreds of families dealing with their child's disabilities and know the challenges this involves. Our Adelaide child psychologists see children under the NDIS scheme.

Who are your adolescent and child psychologists?

There are currently 20 psychologists who work at Developing Minds Psychology and Education and 9 members of our admin team.

We all love working with and specialise in children, teenagers and their families.  All of our clinicians are registered psychologists and on average have 12 years of experience working with children, teens and their families.  We work as a team, train and update each other on areas of development - on a weekly to monthly basis - and consult with each other (following confidentiality guidelines of course) to provide the best care for all of the families we work with.  

Click on the “Our Psychologists button below” for information about each of our psychologists. You might see that some of our psychologists have special interests in some areas, however we all work with children and teens who are experiencing anxiety, sadness, problems with anger, managing friendships, relationships and study. Click on the “Our Admin and Executive Teams” button below for information about our management and admin staff.

 (If it is after business hours and you would like info about appointments, send a message to us with your phone number and we will call you first thing on the next business day)

Please note, because we see children and teens specifically, we refer adults who are wanting personal therapy or relationship counselling to other psychologists.  For the names of other psychologists we refer to, please click here.

For a range of frequently asked questions, including what to do when your child/teen doesn't want to attend therapy, how we work with separated families, how we use email, whether we conduct assessments and more - please click below.