Supporting Save the Children Australia

We support the work of Save the Children Australia:

By giving a regular monthly donation as well as donating $5 for every new client we see – to Save the Children's work to alleviate suffering in children in the third world.

By raising awareness of issues of human suffering – via information in our reception areas, through our corporate networks and here on this website.

By supporting an annual fundraiser "Save the Children Book Swap"

Why does a psychology business support a charitable cause like Save the Children?

1.  The suffering and the need is overwhelming.  According to the United Nations Special Report on the Right to Food for 2000 to March 2008, mortality due to malnutrition accounted for 58% of the total world mortality in 2006.  In  that year, more than 36 million died of hunger or diseases due to malnutrition. There have been no significant changes since that time.

This means one person in the world dies of hunger every three seconds.

For more information about the world hunger problem, you might like to visit: 

2.  There is a growing body of evidence showing that giving to others in need is associated with a greater sense of happiness and well meaning. See for a summary of some of this research.

It is important to understand that being conscious of the desperate needs of our fellow humans in other parts of the world does not mean we minimise the suffering of our clients. 

If you have any questions about our support of Save the Children, please do not hesitate to email me on