Facebook without Fuss

We run this program (recently profiled on Channel 7 News) in secondary schools to help students think about their Facebook use, and manage some of the dangers of Facebook - primarily the risk of spending more time on Facebook than the student really wants - and experiencing/causing conflict through Facebook.

Prior to the seminar we survey students about their Facebook use. During the seminar we present the results to students and staff.

The seminar itself is approximately one hour long is designed for year level groups, from Years 9-12.

The content includes:

  • Discussion of possible benefits and possible disadvantages of Facebook
  • Making the drawbacks "real" by discussing case examples
  • Strategies for how to think about how much time to spend on facebook
  • Strategis for how to "stick to" that decision
  • Discussion of why Facebook communication is potentially more dangerous than face to face communication
  • Thinking about the psychological and legal implications of facebook conflict
  • Strategies for avoiding conflict on facebook
  • Knowing how to respond constructively if hurt by interaction on facebook

Students can also access the Facebook without Fuss page on Facebook itself for immediate guidance and support whilst they are on Facebook.

For questions about this program, please email kirriliesmout@innovateonline.net or call Kirrilie Smout on 8357 1711