Our Presenters

 Kirrilie Smout (Director)


Kirrilie is a clinical Psychologist, member of the Australian Psychological Society and of the College of Clinical Psychologists. She has a First Class psychology Honours degree and a Masters degree in Clinical psychology, both awarded from Flinders University of SA. She has worked as a psychologist for over 20 years in many different settings, with a variety of client groups.

Today Kirrilie is the director of Developing Minds Psychology (previously Innovate Psychology), and specialises in working with children and teens.  She has conducted seminars for over 50,000 young people, teachers and parents in schools around Australia and is the author of three books about and for young people.

Kirrilie has received a number of awards, including an Australian ambassadorship to the Barcelona Olympic Games in 1992, an Australian Psychological Prize in 1995 and the South Australian National Speakers Rising Star award in 2000. She is regularly consulted by print, radio and TV media in relation to psychological issues and has numerous articles published in a variety of newspapers and journals

To book a seminar via email (the quickest method of communicating with Kirrilie) send her an email at kirriliesmout@developingminds.net.au

Penny Sih - (Clinical Psychologist)


Penny is a registered Psychologist and a full member of the Australian Psychological Society. She has a First Class Psychology Honours degree from Flinders University and a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Adelaide. During her studies, Penny was conferred the KPMG Prize for Psychology and published and presented research on psychological outcomes for children in various care arrangements and an evaluation of a parenting program.

Penny has always been passionate about working with young people and their families and has a talent for connecting with young people. She has worked as a psychologist since 2004 with children and teenagers in a variety of settings including Children, Youth and Family Services, Community Health and the Department of Education and Children’s Services. Her role in the Education Department included providing professional development and support for teachers around strategies for working with challenging behaviours and promoting the social and emotional wellbeing of their students. Penny has undertaken extensive professional development on childhood and family issues.

Penny draws on a range of evidence-based frameworks as a clinical psychologist, including Behavioural Interventions, Family Systems Theory, Parenting Strategies and Attachment Theory. Penny works with children and young people around a variety of issues including anxiety and depression, social and emotional wellbeing, challenging behaviour, school issues and building positive family and other relationships.  Penny has presented seminars to hundreds of young people in secondary schools over the last 3 years and receives glowing feedback about her seminars.

To find out more about appointments with Penny, click here on Overview of Counselling Services or to make an appointment or seminar via email (the quickest method of communicating with Penny) send her an email at pennysih@developingminds.net.au

Amanda Taylor (Clinical Psychologist)

Amanda Taylor.jpg

Amanda is a clinical Psychologist. She holds a First Class honours degree in Psychology from the Flinders University of SA, along with a combined Master of Psychology (Clinical) and PhD from the University of Adelaide.

Amanda has research expertise in topics such as sleep, exercise, and parenting and childhood obesity, and she has authored publications in national and international journals in these areas. Her clinical experience is wide ranging, including extensive experience providing support to children and families who have a history of trauma, along with psychological and developmental assessment, working with families in remote settings, and with children in pre-schools and schools.

Amanda has experience supporting children and families for a range of psychological and relational difficulties including attachment concerns, conduct problems, peer difficulties, symptoms associated with traumatic experiences, and symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Amanda uses individualised evidence-based approaches, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, along with understandings such as attachment theory, neurodevelopment, and practical strategies for collaborative and empathic therapy with children and families.

Amanda seeks to support families to build on existing strengths to promote resilience in responding to difficult times. She has a strong belief in the importance of play to support development and positive relationships, for children and adults alike.

To book a seminar via email (the quickest method of communicating with Amanda) send her an email at amandataylor@developingminds.net.au