Seminar Fees

Fees for Seminars and Speaking services are around $1200 (plus GST). For conference, corporate or joint school presentations, or for longer workshop bookings please contact Developing Minds Psychology via phone or email for a specific pricing request.

This includes all preparation, handouts and a full page article for school newsletter for parents about the topic.

Please note that discounts do apply for more than one seminar booked at any one time and that costs for travel time may apply.

If you have booked a seminar with us, the following information will be helpful.

  1. We will provide a 14 day tax invoice to you following the presentation.
  2. Once a seminar is confirmed, we require 14 days notice to cancel the seminar to avoid incurring a 25% cancellation fee.
  3. In terms of set up of the room, please provide a data projector connected to a laptop computer. Our presenters will bring their presentation on USB (and CD as a backup).
  4. Please have the audience (student or adult) seated in rows of chairs (rather than on the floor). There should be as few rows as possible: in other words please make the rows longer, rather than adding extra rows.
  5. Our presenters will bring a written introduction for the introducer to read aloud. It is generally only a few sentences long but it is important that it is read as written if possible. Please feel free to email us if you would like a copy in advance.