Professional Supervision

Are you feeling "stuck" in your work with a child or teen?  Want support and skills training in your work with families?

We offer supervision (by phone, skype or face to face at our offices) for psychologists, social workers, youth workers, teachers and others who work professionally with children or teens.  This supervision is either: a) face to face/skype/phone (for professionals working with kids or teens) OR b) via our online professionals only question centre for professionals working with 5 to 11 year olds.

Face to face/skype/phone supervision

During these supervision sessions we help professionals :

  • Create case conceptualisations for clients/families to understand what is happening and why
  • Identify plans for helping tricky kids/teens/families
  • Identify and develop specific and practical strategies to use in sessions or work with children/teens (including handouts)
  • Identify and manage their own feelings (frustration, anxiety etc) about work
  • Develop a plan for self care where necessary

Currently, Kirrilie Smout, Sonia Harrison, Penny Sih, Jacinda Fisher and Taryn Gray are available to provide professional supervision.

Kirrilie, Sonia, Penny, Jacinda and Taryn are clinical psychologists who work exclusively with young people, and who have provided therapy to hundreds of children and young people over the last 10 to 20 years.  

For more information about their biographies, please click below.


The cost of supervision sessions with Kirrilie is $195 per hour.  The cost of supervision with Sonia, Penny, Jacinda and Taryn is $130 per hour.  (Some workplaces will pay for professional supervision.  If you are covering the cost yourself, keep in mind that this is usually a work related expense and therefore a tax deduction).

We prefer that supervisees book a block of three supervision sessions with sessions approximately 4-6 weeks apart.  This enables us to get to know you and your particular areas of challenge and provide the most effective supervision.

We ask that supervisees prepare for supervision sessions by completing a case conceptualisation template (we will email to you) about at least one child/teen prior to the session.  We will cover one (or two children/teens) during each hour of supervision and/or a skill area.  This case conceptualisation sheet template is yours to keep and use in the future.  We believe it will help you think about clients in a way which will help you plan treatment more clearly.

Please note we can only take limited numbers of supervisees each quarter.  If you would like to book a session with one of our supervisors, please email admin@developingminds or call us on 8357 1711 and we can check availability and book in a time.

Online supervision for professionals working with 5 to 11 year olds

If you find it difficult to attend or skype for a full hour supervision, you might like to consider our online supervision forum:

On this site you can log in to ask questions of our child psychologists on a daily basis.  This might be about a resource, tricky therapy situation, approach or other question.  Previous questions on our professionals forum include:

How to assist children who are ambivalent about custody arrangements
Resources for working with children on the spectrum
Getting parents of teenagers involved in therapy
Helping children with high levels of activity at school

Calm Kid Central professional membership also includes short videos and resources for you to use with children in the therapy room.  For more information about Calm Kid Central for professionals, click here: