This is why parents with more than one kid/teen need more than one set of rules

Any parent with more than one child knows that their kids have vastly different personalities, strengths, weaknesses and interests.

Because of this, they will have different things they need us as parents to do for them.

Some young people need our help with reassurance and help coping with worries.  Some need our help managing their frustration.  Some need help resolving conflict.  Some need help with maintaining concentration and attention with homework.

Some need help to find things to do on their own, some need help initiating contact with others.

If kids and teens have different personalities and different needs from us as parents - why do we try to have the same rules for children?  

Because we want our children to see us as fair.

Because we have to deal with their frustration.

To be honest, it's just easier to set one set of rules for all the kids/teens, or just vary the rules according to age alone.

Unfortunately the less hassle comes at the expense of coming up with the guidelines, systems and rules for each of our young people that they individually need and will benefit from.

My advice is this:

Have different rules for different kids and teens  -  based on what they really need from you - not based on what other our other children have needed.

Keep teaching kids and teens about the difference between simple equality and true equity.  Use the picture above as a starter.

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