We currently have an opportunity for a registered or clinical psychologist who has experience in working with children and teens to join our Aberfoyle Park team (located about 30 minutes south of the CBD) OR our Wayville team (behind Greenhill Road).  If you are interested in a position with us, please feel free to confidentially email Kirrilie at kirriliesmout@developingminds.net.au and I can talk with you informally about the position to see whether you might like to apply. In the meantime, for an overview about working with us, please read on.

Current roles available

This position is for a minimum of 2 days per week (13 client appointments per week, with 3 of these being in an outside school hours time slots) - this may be before or after school, or on a Sat morning) and potentially up to 3-4 days per week if desired at either our Wayville clinic as well as at our Aberfoyle Park office. The role is primarily 1:1 therapy work with children and teens from 4 to 18 years old (and their families), with some opportunity to run our parenting and child therapy groups in the evenings or Saturday mornings.

The benefits of working with us include:

  • Extensive training and supervision in how to work even more effectively with children, young people and their families. This training and supervision is provided to you at no cost and includes (initially fortnightly and then monthly) focussed supervision, case conceptualisation and skills training - as well as quarterly peer supervision and quarterly whole team professional development in childhood/adolescent psychology. We can provide supervision towards clinical endorsement if you have a secondary supervisor elsewhere.

  • Debriefing opportunities and support from an extremely friendly and caring team of 20 psychologists, including rostered "on call" senior psychologists available for crisis support about clinical or professional practice issues 24/7 - ensuring you feel confident in working with all clients.

  • Extensive, friendly and efficient administration support (appointment bookings, reminder calls, rescheduling, payments taken, GP letters sent, all outcome measures scored etc. Sometimes even cups of coffee made, depending on levels of desperation:)) from our team of amazing receptionists and extraordinarily capable admin executive team.

  • Management support from team leaders and clinical program director (ie we will update you regularly as to changes in policy about issues related to Better Access, NDIS funding, Primary Health Network funding and other developments related to mental health in children and young people in Australia).

  • Job Security: Developing Minds are funded by a variety of funding models (including primary health networks, NDIS, Better Access, Department of Child Protection, School based funding and other private funding) which we believe is helpful in this political and social climate. As a result of strong community and school based programs, education and services over the last 15 years, we have strong client demand (generally we have between 8 weeks and 3 months waiting lists) for our services as a result of recognition and awareness of our services in SA.

  • As a result of have a proportion of our funding provided by Primary Health Networks, our psychs have the opportunity to work with a variety of child and adolescent and parent client groups, with up to 50% of clients able to access "gap free" services and access 18 fully funded sessions a year, including funding for parent-only sessions and funding for liaison with teachers/other professionals.

  • Professional indemnity insurance paid in full for you by the business.

  • Yearly professional development allowance to spend on any workshops or training you like which would support your work with kids and teens.

  • Access to our library: hundreds of print, email, video, animations, book and therapy-material resources to use in sessions with children and families.

  • Bimonthly "Working with kids/teens research" email sent to all clinicians with a summary of recent scientific literature about child/adolescent therapy issues (as collated by one of our psychologists) and upcoming PD opportunities in SA outside our own PD.

  • Working in our rooms - bright, comfortable and purpose designed for kids and teens, with space to keep your own materials if you want to add them to ours

  • Work as an employee not contractor - ie don't have to worry about doing your own BAS, putting aside tax or managing financial accounts as this is all done for you. Workcover, superannuation, parenting leave and long service leave entitlements apply as per usual as an employee. You are paid as a casual employee (and therefore at a higher rate than a permanent position) which allows for flexibility to take unpaid leave when and how you want. After 12 months you have the option to transfer to permanent part time status and be paid for sick/annual leave.

  • Opportunities to provide services other than one to one counselling - ie facilitating the parent groups we run (Connect, Coach and Take Charge), our child based therapy group (“Chilled”) and in the long term have the potential to be involved in providing online therapeutic support for families (calmkidcentral.com)

  • Our Aberfoyle Park office is set in a leafy, spacious shopping centre complex with all offices having large windows and walking access to shops and coffee shops. Our Wayville offices also have large windows, set in leafy street with on street parking, again with coffee shops nearby (can you sense a theme here?).

  • We have achieved National Standards for Mental Health Services accreditation (unusual for a private practice) and therefore have high standards of clinical governance.

  • We were awarded first prize in the 2018 Australian Paediatric Allied Health Practice Excellence awards (criteria assessed was Collaboration within the Allied Health community; Impact and innovation over the last 12 months; Client centred, evidence based service delivery; Leadership and/or integrity; and Quality, safety and ethics in their practice).

As well as being paid an hourly rate for seeing clients (and last minute cancellations) or running groups, you will also earn an hourly rate for some business related administration and meeting time and earn more over time with additional experience working with us (moving up a sliding scale).   Our clinical psychologists initially earn a salary approximately the equivalent of SA government allied health professionals high stream 2, and over the course of 2-3 years move up to an equivalent of stream 3 or 4 plus super (dependent on the amount of leave the clinician chooses to take).  This is based on our clinicians seeing approximately 4.5-4.8 clients per full day (this also includes a supervision appointment between once a week and once a month).

Clinical psychologists working with kids and teens with anxiety, depression, behavioural problems.

We care about social justice and the business donates $5 from every new client to Save the Children,

Most importantly, we care about young people and their families - and each other.  We meet formally together as a team four times a year to develop our skills in working with young people (and eat and drink!).  We also try to catch up a couple of times a year for social and/or Developing Minds “kids day” gatherings (ie dinners, the Zoo, Bounce, roller skating, bowling!!) 

Of course, this is not a “perfect” organisation, and there are challenges and parts of our workplace which need improvement. However, we are keen to continue to improve and are open to feedback from our clinicians - existing and new - about how to keep making this a better workplace for our team and a better service for the families we work with.

Here are a few photos of some of our team. If you would like more information about Developing Minds, you can go to:

Our website: www.developingminds.net.au or our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/developingminds.net.au

We were also interviewed for a feature in the August 2016 Edition of InPsych - this is now somewhat out of date as we have grown and developed since then, but it has some information about the basics of our practice:


Kirrilie Smout, psychologist specialising in children and teen therapy

If you have any questions feel free to confidentially email me at any time.  I'm very happy to chat about the work to see if it might suit you before you formally apply. We are looking to fill this position as soon as possible (preferably in the next few weeks), so please get in touch quickly if you are interested.

Kirrilie - Director, Developing Minds Psychology (kirriliesmout@developingminds.net.au)

Updated 20/2/2019