Seminars and Training for Schools, Students, Parents and Professionals 

Please note, on this page you will see a number of testimonials about our seminar and speaking programs from audience members.  Please keep in mind that these comments refer to our education and seminar services only, not our psychological counselling services.  If you have any questions - please let us know!

Kirrilie and the presenting team at Developing Minds have been teaching and sharing stories in schools, workplaces and community settings for over 15 years, and to over 40,000 young people, teachers, parents and health professionals in this time.

Kirrilie Smout, Speaker and Presenter, running seminars for parents, teenagers and teachers
These seminars were brilliant. They were fun and interactive, and insightful. She also helped me learn new ways to study and this has helped me to improve my grades.
— Student, St. Columba College

They tell stories about psychological research, and use their many years of counselling experience as clinical psychologists, to teach young people about how to manage their time, relationships and emotions, and to support parents, teachers, health professionals and youth workers to care for and work with children and young people even more effectively.

Your seminars have been incredible...really inspiring and useful
— Sarah Bettany Project Officer, YMCA

Kirrilie has been interviewed about the Develoing Minds seminars and work with young people in many media channels (Mornings on Channel 9, ABC news, Behind the News by ABC, radio 5AA , Today Tonight, Madison Magazine, Channel Nine and Seven News, the Advertiser, the Messenger, SA kids and other independent publications).  

Kirrilie: your content is insightful, relevant and practical. Your presentation is clear, engaging and warm. You’re awesome!
— Paul Hodgson, Co-ordinator Christian Pastoral Workers in South Australia

Seminars and Presentations are suitable for:

  • Student Year level assemblies
  • Student seminar days
  • Student "lunch time" sessions
  • School camps/orientation days
  • Educator's sessions and CPD workshops for professionals (teachers, health professionals, disability workers, carers and others)
  • Parent/caregiver seminars ("school drop off seminars and "parent nights") nights
  • Parent/teacher interview evenings

The goal of every seminar delivered is to help give the audience specific, practical actions they can immediately use in their daily routines.  We are keen to make sure our seminars are not "just" theoretical, and not just "inspirational" - but actually make a difference - even if it's in just a small way - to our audience's every day life.  

These seminars were brilliant.They were fun and interactive, and insightful. She also helped me learn new ways to study and this has helped me to improve my grades
— Student, St. Columba College

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