Seminars for Parents and Caregivers

For parents and caregivers of adolescents:

  • Calm and Confident Teens: Helping adolescents manage stress, worry, anxiety and difficult times.

This seminar is designed to give parents/caregivers of teenagers confidence and skills in dealing with teenagers experiencing stress, worry and difficult times. Specific topics covered include: 

  • Understanding the causes of emotional health concerns, stress and anxiety in teens

  • Helping teens to communicate more effectively

  • Building resiliency in young people

  • Helping young people to make their own simple plans to get through difficult times

  • Helping young people learn to stay calm and reassure themselves

  • Maintaining boundaries when teens are stressed

  • What not to do and pitfalls to avoid

  • And more

Well-being and success in secondary school: What parents/caregivers can do

This seminar is designed to give parents/caregivers of teenagers confidence and skills in supporting teenagers in Year 7-12 (note, there is a specific variant of this seminar for parents/caregivers of teens in Years 11-12). Specific topics covered include:

  • Understanding the factors associated with higher well-being and academic achievement of students in secondary school

  • Knowing how to talk with teens (including those who might be reluctant to communicate)

  • Knowing how to support teens to get enough sleep, and use devices wisely

  • Knowing how to implement boundaries in ways which are respectful and empowering for young people

  • And more.

Parent/caregiver seminars can last from between 40 and 90 minutes, can be a stand-alone event or incorporated into other parent evenings (eg subject information nights etc)

For parents and caregivers of primary aged children

  • Calm and Confident Kids

    • Helping parents to know how to support children aged 5-12 when they are worried, scared, stressed and sad, and how to increase their coping and resiliency skills.

    • This seminar is approximately 75 -90 minutes in length.

Many children go through periods of time when they feel anxious, stressed, worried and sad.  Sometimes this is because of a tough life experience – parents separating, family illness, grief and loss, bullying, struggles coping at school. 

Sometimes there is nothing in particular which seems to be causing problems, but the child has a tendency to be a “worrier” or get sad and they are having a hard time coping with their own emotions.

Research tells us that what parents do makes a big difference to how well children get through these times.  There are specific actions parents can take to help the child manage and resolve problems, to help build their resilience - and unfortunately there are also things parents accidentally do which make the situation worse. 

This seminar covers the 12 most important steps parents can take to help worried, sad and stressed kids

It is designed to be practical and give strategies that parents can immediately use with children in all situations. It includes advice on "what to say", what to NOT do, how to answer tricky questions and how to increase resilience and coping skills in children themselves.

Despite the serious topic, there is plenty of humour and fun in the seminar, videos, case examples - as well as time allowed for questions about tricky kids and tricky situations. 

  • Calm and Co-operative Kids

    • Helping parents to know how to support children aged 5-12 when they are frustrated, struggle to follow instructions, have a strong sense of independence, and to increase coping and resiliency skills

  • Helping Children through the Emotional Challenges of Primary School

    • Helping parents and caregivers to know the challenges for children aged 5 to 12 in managing school, peer relationships, challenges related to learning and becoming independent.

Parent/caregiver seminars usually run for 60-90 minutes as "stand alone" events, but shortened versions can also be conducted if the presentation is part of an existing school evening. 

The parents and staff of our schools found the ‘Mad, Sad and Stressed Teens’ seminar to be very beneficial and insightful. The information was easy to understand, coupled with practical strategies which helped parents to feel more equipped in helping their families. I would highly recommend the seminars from Developing Minds Psychology as a fantastic resource.
— Holly Taylor, Chaplain, Braeview Primary School and Happy Valley Primary School


We do not invoice for our seminars until after the seminar has been conducted.  If you believe we have not connected with our audience, nor provided high quality content - then please simply call us after the seminar to say you were not 100% satisfied - and we will NOT invoice you.  We are absolutely committed to providing excellent and extremely useful sessions, and therefore offer this guarantee without reservation.

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